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Starting Hand Chart for Pot Limit Omaha Hi 10-Max

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Unlike in Hold 'em or 6-Max Pot Limit Omaha, a PLO 10 starting hand strategy requires extreme diligence. Because there are so many players in the hand, and because everyone has so many cards, by the river in PLO 10-max, a total of 45 cards (out of a 52 card deck) have been dealt! The fact is, without the NUTS, you can't commit significant chips to a hand without running up against the nuts almost 100% of the time. For this reason, we recommend the following starting hand strategy for PLO 10-max:

  • Ace-X suited hands
  • Connected broadways
  • Pocket pairs above 99

Each of these hands has a high potential to flop the nuts and have the hand hold up by the river. By playing weaker hands, like King-X suited, you will almost certainly run into the nuts anytime you make your hand. Your stack will quickly evaporate. Stick to a diligent starting hand strategy and reap the rewards from players who play the second nuts!