Open Face Chinese Poker Bankrolling

I've been playing a lot of open face Chinese poker lately (not pineapple), and so I went digging for some numbers for bankrolling requirements. Turns out, these numbers haven't ever been released! So, I did the math.

Bankroll Requirements for Open Face Chinese Poker

Calculating a bankroll requirement needs just two numbers: your average winrate and the standard deviation of the game (how much gamboooooooool is the game?)

According to the inventor of the ABC Open-Face Chinese poker app, who has data on these types of things, the standard deviation of Open Face Chinese is about 18 per hand, or about 180 per 100 hands. Since you're the only person who can know what your winrate is in the games you play, I'll provide a variety of winrates and your minimum recommended bankroll (less than 5% risk of ruin):

  • @1 points per hand (massive edge; think 10BB/100 in NL): 485 points
  • @ .5 points per hand (big edge; think 5BB/100 in NL; this is my edge): 971 points
  • @ .3 points per hand (solid edge; think 3BB/100 in NL): 1618 points
  • @ .1 points per hand (small edge; think 1BB/100 in NL): 4853 points

So, if you're a professional or semi-professional poker player who typically aims for a <5% risk of ruin (pretty standard), and you have a .5 point per edge hand, you need at least 971 points in your bankroll. If you are playing for $1/point, this is $971. If you are playing for $10/point, this is $9,710.


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