Identifying Opponents’ Weaknesses

Poker Hacking is the idea that other players at the table can be tested for weaknesses much in the same way that you'd test a computer, by trying lots of different things and seeing how they react. It's a novel idea that requires you to carefully understand how players react to strange plays which will help you form an intuitive understanding of their playing style.

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  • Ernesto says:

    I love the term Poker Hacker. I never heard it before.

    The term is heavily related to gathering info, reading opponents and learning where are you positioned, in terms of experience and skill, at the table.

    Some people believe that reading a player online is impossible, but there are tools like a HUD (heads up display) that helps the online grinder to do this. Regardless if you are playing live or online it is extremely important to learn who you are playing against.

    Investing time learning your opponents’ behavior will allow you to determine from whom you can make the most profit. At the same time, you will collect information on who you should be cautious and how you should react depending on your position.

    I do agree that depending on the opponents you are facing you should change your style; however I am the type of player that sticks to one same strategy. This could be considered a weakness because if other players are being “poker hackers” they will determine your style quickly. I believe every poker player should develop their own style but always keep on mind on making minor changes to their game depending on their opponents.

    One thing I never do, but definitely should, is minbetting the flop. I understand the logic behind it, which is testing your opponents and see who calls a minbet; nevertheless I can´t never bet less than 50% of the pot. Same as over betting the pot, this is something every player should do from time to time because both strategies are great for gathering info.

    I guess I need to improve my game with these two habits that help you determine the type of players you are facing.

    Keep on reading and keep on playing!

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