Starting Hand Chart for Pot Limit Omaha Hi 10-Max

Unlike in Hold 'em or 6-Max Pot Limit Omaha, a PLO 10 starting hand strategy requires extreme diligence. Because there are so many players in the hand, and because everyone has so many cards, by the river in PLO 10-max, a total of 45 cards (out of a 52 card deck) have been dealt! The fact is, without the NUTS, you can't commit significant chips to a hand without running up against the nuts almost 100% of the time. For this reason, we recommend the following starting hand strategy for PLO 10-max:

  • Ace-X suited hands
  • Connected broadways
  • Pocket pairs above 99

Each of these hands has a high potential to flop the nuts and have the hand hold up by the river. By playing weaker hands, like King-X suited, you will almost certainly run into the nuts anytime you make your hand. Your stack will quickly evaporate. Stick to a diligent starting hand strategy and reap the rewards from players who play the second nuts!

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  • MrNeverdie says:

    PLO is certainly a very different game from Hold’em, especially when it comes to starting hand selection. Add to that playing it in the full ring, and counting for a number of possible combinations with so many cards distributed among the players, playing any hands that will usually flop second nuts or second-nut draw can become a very costly mistake. Sticking to hands that have a nut potential will not only be the most profitable way to go but it will also make your life much easier in terms of playing your hand from flop onwards, because you will at least know that you are drawing to a hand that will be the winner if you hit your card on the future streets.

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